Bulk Products

When you’re looking to complete a large landscape project, the last thing you want to try to figure out is how you’re going to get the topsoil, mulch, stone or other product to your home. Stafford Nursery can assist you with our bulk product direct delivery service. We have listed our most popular products below, however, we also have other types of bulk products available so give us a call for availability and pricing.

Screened Topsoil:

Our screened topsoil is perfect for improving soil in flowerbeds, gardens, planters and topdressing lawns or simply filling in holes, ruts or other low areas in your lawn or landscape. Available for pickup and delivery anywhere in Fredericksburg, Virginia.


Mulch, Double Shredded Hardwood:

Whether you’re trying to dress up your landscaping with a fresh, new layer of mulch, trying to protect the roots of your existing plants or simply mulching a newly planted area, our high quality, double shredded, hardwood mulch is the perfect product. Available for pickup and delivery anywhere in Fredericksburg, Virginia.


Crusher Run:

Our crusher run, also known as 21a, is perfect for topdressing, extending, or installing a completely new driveway. This product helps stabilize your driveway and reduce wash of your gravel driveway. Also perfect for backfilling retaining walls or providing a solid base for a brick paver patio.