VT Spirit Daylily

VT Spirit Daylily at Stafford Nursery Fredericksburg VAStafford Nursery is happy to announce that we are now carrying the Virginia Tech (VT) Spirit Daylily. This is the first plant to be introduced by the new Beautiful Gardens program – “Beautiful Gardens was initiated in 2004  as a project of the Virginia Nursery and Landscape Association to find, develop  and (more…)

Fresh Produce

Fresh produce is here for the weekend…..





Green Beans

Snap Peas

Red Potatos

Ice Cream



Farmer’s Market

Fresh Produce arriving today and every Thursday:  Tomatoes, Onions, Corn, Potatoes, Romaine Lettuce,

Handmade Fresh Ice Cream: Unusual flavors available.

Fresh Vegetable Plants, Herbs Hanging Baskets, and Flowering Annuals.