Brick Paver Patio

This brick paver patio was recently completed for a customrer in Fredericksburg, Virginia. A great segway from their back steps to their basement door stairway.  In addition to the patio, Stafford Nursery also installed the new steps leading down from the back door. We build all styles, shapes and sizes (more…)

Stone Steps and Walkway

Stone WalkwayStone steps and walkway installed in Stafford, Virginia by Stafford Nursery. This walkway provides access to the back yard and the patio that sits under the deck area. Portions of this hardscape is what is known as ‘dry-stacked’ while portions of it have been set in place. (more…)

Concrete vs. Brick Paver Walkway Fredericksburg VA

Brick Paver Pation and Walkway in Fredericksburg, VAConcrete walkways can become slick when wet from rain or watering systems. This is especially true when the walkway is on a hillside as the one posted here reveals. Brick pavers provide a much better walkway in relation to traction and in addition are usually much more aesthetically pleasing.

There are also many more designs and patterns available when attempting to enhance landscaping or the home itself. (more…)