Pondless Waterfall Fredericksburg, Virginia

Pondless Waterfall Fredericksburg VANow you can bring a little bit of nature into your own backyard. With pondless waterfalls you have many choices. You can choose to have a steep waterfall where the water rolls off a ledge and splashes down on the basin below, you can split the flow of water into two separate waterfalls, or you can choose to have a slower flow of water that simulates a slow moving stream. There are as many options as there are pond lovers, it all depends on your personal tastes.

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Koi Pond in Fredericksburg, Virginia

This is a Koi Pond installed at a customers home in Stafford County, just outside Fredericksburg, Virginia. This pond has an upper water fall area that helps aerate the pond as it trickles back into the main pond. The tranquil sound of water running is another benefit of this design. This water feature also uses a walk-over bridge to help onlookers enjoy the pond from every angle. We have produced a short video, posted below, for you to view and get a ‘feel’ of what the¬†pond is like. To speack to our Water Feature Specialist, give us a call at 540-654-5410 or contact us here and put ‘water feature’ in the subject line of your¬†message. Also you can check out our Ponds and Water Features Landscaping section here.


Landscaping – Water Features

water feature - landscaping fredericksburg virginiaWe offer a wide variety of landscaping opportunities including one-of-a-kind water features. Each water feature is designed specifically for the setting in which it will appear. This means your water feature will be unique, and designed especially for you and your landscape. We can build any size and type of water feature you want, whether it’s a koi pond, pondless waterfall or (more…)

Pond with Waterfall

Koi Ponds, Water Features, Water Fall, Fredericksburg, VirginiaPonds and water features add a dimension to your landscape like no other. The soothing sound of the water, the serene view of the reflective surface and the coolness of the surrounding area combines calmness with beauty.