Foundation Landscaping Federicksburg VAThis is a foundational landscaping around a home in Frederickburg, Virginia. This short stone wall helps bring to level a sloping side yard (which is common in the Northern Virginia area) and allows for a more prominent planting bed. Also a tree ring is enhanced by a small stone circle wall. These landscaping options allow for easy mowing and trimming by providing a definate division between the lawn and plant beds. Stone brings an option to the landscape that is clean, neat and attractive. Give us a call today at 540-654-5410 or stop by the nursery at 544 Truslow Road, Fredericksburg, Virginia 22403 to speak to one of our landscape design and construction specialists. You can see more examples of our Landscaping in Fredericksburg Virginia here.

Foundation Landscaping Federicksburg VA  Foundational Landscaping Federicksburg VALandscaping Federicksburg VA