Ponds & Water Features

As a professional water garden and pond contractor Stafford Nursery has provided clients with top notch and innovative designs and installations ranging from dazzling waterfalls feeding Koi ponds to the hypnotizing trance of an elegant formal fountain tantalizing the senses.

Sample Pondless Waterfall

(This water feature can be installed at your home for just $2800)

Our water features manager has been designing and installing ponds, water falls, koi ponds and water gardens in the Central Virginia area for over 20 years. With an eye for detail and an ear for the customer’s desires, he consistantly delivers water features that provide lasting enjoyment.

You can view our gallery of water gardens, koi ponds, and pondless waterfalls here.

You can also view our full gallery of landscaping jobs if you’re looking for more than just water features.

Please take a moment to view our most popular designs below:

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If you’d like to customize your design project, then please contact us at 540-654-5410 and we’ll schedule a water feature design consultation.