Pondless Waterfall Fredericksburg VANow you can bring a little bit of nature into your own backyard. With pondless waterfalls you have many choices. You can choose to have a steep waterfall where the water rolls off a ledge and splashes down on the basin below, you can split the flow of water into two separate waterfalls, or you can choose to have a slower flow of water that simulates a slow moving stream. There are as many options as there are pond lovers, it all depends on your personal tastes.

Many people choose the pondless waterfall because it is typically easier to maintain. But a waterfall with a pond can be well worth a little extra effort. Water features that contain an actual pond allow for the addition of bog plants, water plants, koi and provides a soothing experience. Of course you can always get one of each!

Below we have some pictures of a recent Pondless Waterfall that we installed at the nursery:

pondless waterfall under construction at Stafford Nursery in Fredericksburg Virginiapondless waterfall in progress fredericksburg valandscaped pondless waterfall fredericksburg va