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For a perfectly manicured lawn with minimum effort, choose our quality sod products.  We're proud to be a retail and wholesale outlet for the best sod products in the area. With our sod, you can enjoy a lush, green lawn in no time. We'll help you choose the right product for your lawn needs and provide expert advice on how to install and maintain it.

tall fescue

a specially blended Virginia sod

Tall fescue sod is the most common type of sod grass that is found in Virginia. It’s a cool-season grass with a medium- to deep-green color. With its moderate density, it makes a great lawn for most homeowners. Tall fescue sod also has an extensive root system which aids in its ability to root quickly, survive the installation process, and stand up to summer heat.

Our tall fescue sod is ideally blended for use in Virginia, adapts to a wide range of soil conditions, and can withstand full-sun to partial-shade environments.

Tall fescue green grass
Stacked rolls of sod

eco sod

a low-maintenance, environmentally friendly sod

This fine-textured grass is great for “no mow” areas that require as little as four mowings per year to keep a height of 3-4 inches. It is Turfgrass Water Conservation Alliance Certified due to its drought tolerance and super low-maintenance needs. This sod variety requires the least amount of maintenance, saving you 50-60% on your annual lawn maintenance costs.

zoysia sod

great high-traffic use sod

This turfgrass stands up to the toughest areas of traffic and use. It has a light- to medium-green color and forms a dense, low-maintenance lawn. It withstands high temperatures, making it a great choice for full-sun lawns. Zoysia sod is also drought tolerant and does well in areas that have little to no irrigation.

Zoysia green sod

why choose sod for your next project?


As long as the ground isn't frozen, sod can be installed. It's no longer necessary to wait for the right time of year to install your lawn.


Once it’s installed, you only need to water, mow, and fertilize sod. This is because our sod is already a healthy lawn that has been expertly grown to maturity when you put it down. This gives you the lawn you want in just a short few weeks.

SOD can be
used anywhere

Because sod is already established, it can be used on hills to stabilize soil. Additionally, unlike seed and straw, sod will stay in place on sloped areas or lawns that are not completely flat.

SOD can
withstand traffic

In contrast to seeding, sod is ready in a short period of time, needing just a couple of weeks to become established. If you want to use your lawn right away for games, family playtime, or neighborhood cookouts, sod is the obvious choice. Our blend of patented and specially developed sod is specifically designed to stand up to heavy traffic areas.

SOD is
environmentally friendly

Acting as a filter and cooling agent, sod establishes itself quickly and begins to filter pollutants from our air and water. As a cooling agent, sod keeps the ground cool and helps retain moisture. Sod also prevents erosion, and with its quick establishing qualities, large amounts of fertilizer are not needed.

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