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Proper Portable Shed Installation

It’s easy to see that portable outdoor sheds are not what they used to be, so the installation shouldn’t be either. In years past, many garden and storage sheds were constructed on bare ground. Of course, those sheds were designed to last just a few short years. Now sheds are designed to last as long as the homes to which they belong.

One of the primary ways you can tell a portable shed is erected by a professional shed company is how the shed pad is constructed. This 11.5′ x 22′ was well placed on a secure, level gravel pad site. By giving this shed foundation a retaining wall section, the gravel was better packed, resulting in a more stable setting, erosion prevention, and keeping the shed level for years to come.

If you’re looking to purchase a portable Amish storage shed, then we’d enjoy the opportunity to discuss your purchase and how we might help you extend the life of that purchase.

May all your gardening days be sunny!


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